Friday, November 14, 2008

Seven Legged Spider

This made me laugh so hard that I forgot I was at work and needed to maintain a certain level of sobriety!

If only life was this simple.

...and then after the debacle the drawing managed to sell on ebay for thousands of dollars. What a genius!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Advert Posted On The Student Board At Dave's University

"Free to Good Home

Castrated two year old German Shepard Cross male.
Good with children. Affectionate nature.
Unable to breed from due to skin condition."


Um, there may be a slightly more relevant reason why you wouldn't be able to breed from this hound...

Plums, anyone?

NB: Please bear in mind that Dave's students are mostly in training to become Vets! There is no hope. Hide your pets now people.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

My New Favouritest Thing

Things I have learnt in the short time (ie: since Tuesday) we have had a spa:

  • The neighbours now think we're making porn movies due to the psychedelic lights emanating from the corner of our garden along side the sounds of giggling and the frothy tones of bubbles.
  • Poppy thinks that chlorinated water is a viable alternative to tap water
  • Anyone who is under 5'6" will be drowned in our spa. Terribly sorry Joe and Shaz!
  • That a 35 degree water temperature is too hot during the daytime but at 35 degrees, when the sun drops you can't help but shiver. After dark, anything less than body temperature is "freezing". That's why I stayed in for nearly an hour on Sunday! Honest.
  • We would never have been able to have a spa in Aberdeen. We would have ended up with frost bite even in the height of the summer. Just the act of hopping across the garden decked out in your finest spangly bikini would have been enough cold to lose a toe.
  • Our garden looks lovely in the evening when immersed in bubbles, holding a glass of sauvignon in your hand and watching the waxing moon lighting up the lemon tree.
  • You can still get sunburned even whilst huddled well under the water line. Still, it's funny how my legs seem to repel sunlight while my shoulders seem to scream "let me at 'em"!
  • It's fun debuting three new bikinis and being able to tell Dave (truthfully) that each one was made by a starving sweatshop child in some Indonesian country. I bloody LOVE Primark. I mean FOUR pounds! How can they afford to sell them at that fee? I miss the homeland sometimes. Especially when on buying the aforementioned bargains, the woman on the counter jokingly enquired why I wasn't buying welly boots with my bikinis. I had immense pleasure in replying "because I live in Australia. We have summer there!" Cruel, moi? A small price to pay for being away from the ones who matter.