Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mouse 1, Team Spacca 0

Due to the hugely environmentally unfriendly carnage that is my new housing estate, a few fluffy natives have been rendered homeless.

I arrived home late one night to find three dozen mousetraps laid amongst the shagpile and coffee table books of our modern abode.
(ie: bits of off-cut carpet and fishing magazines!)

Dave: We've got a house guest.

Me: Really? You treat all your guests in this manner?

Dave: He's really scary though

Me: Tattoos? Bad mouse-tach?

Dave: It was very scary and it lunged at me!

So that was the beginning of the 'Three Week Seige of Beeliar'.

The little bugger managed to steal the cheese and avoided decapitation for three days. Upon his demise, he sent for back up.

We are seriously in trouble!