Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ten Good Boozers

As inspired by Jane...

  1. The Ocean Beach Hotel, Cottesloe, WA. Or the OBH as it's affectionately known to the locals of Cottesloe. It overlooks the Indian Ocean, has windows that collapse in on themselves creating a verandah with which to catch the breeze

    The View From the OBH... the very beach that some poor old bugger got ripped in half by a great white shark in 2000! Ain't it beautiful?

  2. Shoeless Eds Cantina Bar, Plymouth, UK. A bar decked out like a South American Whores boudoir!

    Jason and I having 'a quiet drink'! You can't see how brilliant this place was. There was a fountain in the doorway and various washing lines strung across the high ceiling decked out with lingerie. With every pint bought they would give you a free chilli tequila. It was NEVER a quiet night when Jason and I would go out!

  3. The Highwayman Inn, Dartmoor, UK. I used to go the the Highwayman Inn with James. We would ride on his motorbike and then have a couple of their homemade ciders. James always said that the three birds that ran the place were white witches. I have no reason to disbelieve him!

    Especially when you walk around the pub and stumble across rooms like this one.
    ...or the one completely full with stuffed roadkill!!

  4. Cafe Savannah, Ibiza. Ali and I would make an annual pilgrimage to the place. The sunsets were spectacular.

    The view from Savannah.
    ...I know, I can't help but take photos of the sunsets. I have albums and albums full of photos of clouds and pink skies. Thank god for digital cameras these days!

  5. Little Creatures, Fremantle, WA. A micro brewery in Freo. The place used to be a crocodile farm hence the name. They make very fine pale ale and serve the best coriander and lime squid...

    It's a wonderful thing to be drinking in a place surrounded by beer vats!

  6. Toko, Bournemouth, UK A very funky place set in the heart of Bournemouth. The place to go if you want to be part of the trendy set.

    The whole place is teeming with fishes. There are floor to ceiling fish tanks everywhere. I sometimes miss my old high heeled days.

  7. Club Tropicana, Aberdeen, UK. Not exactly a pub but so fabulous I just couldn't miss it out! It's exactly what it says it is. An eighties inspired/themed club where you can purchase a grass skirt alongside your glass of beer. The disco lights are rubiks cubes and they will happily play you Boy Meets Girl or Pat Benatar!

  8. The Waterfront, Plymouth, UK A place where Jason used to work when we were at Uni together. They would make cocktails and you could sit on the sea wall drinking them

    The view from the beer garden
    ...Until my ward managers (elderly) husband got incredibly drunk one Christmas ward night out. He went to vomit over the wall and the bouncers had to pull him back over the wall by his trousers!

  9. The Oyster Bar, Fremantle, WA. There is no roof, it's practically on the beach and there are sunloungers and floor cushions lying about everywhere.

    Joe and I lazing on a day bed sampling the oysters. And beer!

  10. EJ's, Torquay, UK. Back in my wild heyday. This was a place where it was positively encouraged to dance on the tables and graffitti on the toilet doors (the doors were painted with blackboard paint and there was a big box of chalk next to the bog...hmm, doesn't sound quite as great as it did when I was 21!)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Who Wot I Look Like....Proper!

My Chinese ex boyfriend always told me I looked like him!?

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Thought I had better come back to the land of the blog. Again. I can't help it, I'm just boring at the moment....

Right then. Thanks Moo.

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don’t you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag five people

A Short History Of Tractors In Ukrainian by Marina Lewycka

" 'She knew what he had to put up with'

The telephone spits and crackles with our rage.

'The trouble with you Nadezhda, is that your head is so full of nonsense that you don't know the real world.' "

...um, but it makes no sense out of context?

Why am I doing this again?

Pretty good book. Great character development and a jolly good read (or so the lady in the book shop told me!). It had me at the title!

I tag Shaz, Joe and whoever else can be bothered....

Monday, October 02, 2006

Gravity Won't Get You High...

Friday night watching The Grates perform.

Our gorgeous selves. Sober

More gorgeous selves. Tipsy

Even more gorgeous selves. Pissed!

(with an even more pissed boy in tow! Him and his sister were incredibly sweet)

And yes, I am very very sunburned. I forgot that the sun here can get you even if it is supposed to be only early spring!

Some chick who thought we were trying to flirt with her boyfriend until Joe told her (in her best Carry On voice) that she wasn't interested in her boyfriend (wink wink, ooh matron). The chick then proceeded to try and throw herself at Joe before flashing her boyfriend her boobs.

Everyone went home happy!

Sombrero wearing barman spanking non sombrero wearing barman. Why? We have no idea either.

Maybe we suggested it? That's usually the way we happen upon photos of people we don't know!

Oh my, Joesephina, aren't we attractive? Why I think I just want to kiss you..

It was the barmans suggestion. Honest. Why did it seem so reasonable at the time? "Hey Mr Barman, Can I take a piccy of you in a sombrero whilst you're slapping the arse of your mate?" "Of course, only if I can take a picture of you and your mate locking lips"!

See my dilemma?

Note To Self: Do not take diminuitive young bespectacled ladies post lung surgery into fierce mosh pits filled with sweaty pink boys with too much ear wax and who have a tendency to fling oversized pubescent gorrilla arms around as if one were playing helicopters as a five year old....

Sir, I have two words for you....BRUSH YOUR TEETH.

New Rules For Boats. Brilliant band. The fourth inappropriate cruch for the summer. I'm old enough to be the bassists mother (or the alcoholic older spinster sister of his mother, the one who dresses slutty and thinks she's all hip while asking after her neices and nephews sex lives causing no end of embarrassment in front of Great Grandma?!)

Man demonstrating lovely New Rules merchandise.

Another yummy pic of Benjamin the bass player...

And then the gorgeous and probably slightly deranged Patience charged onto the stage adorned in her best tutu and flailing a five metre ribbon behind her. She reminded me of how I used to dance in the 'alternative clubs' of Plymouth when I was eighteen! All stompy and hair everywhere.

Patience in her best party frock.

The Grates rocked. Shaz we missed you. Next time bird?