Sunday, December 31, 2006

I. Live. Here!

Flipping eck, am I glad.

I never got this in Plimuff!

Everyone. Party at my place.

Bring beer!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Beat Myself

Joe with a hat she stole!!

Six Ft Hick were playing again. We were powerless to resist!

This time, they did not smash an ashtray over their heads, throw up in a champagne bucket or snog Joe to an inch of her life.

However, the ovaries did ping along to their testosterone fueled rock and the mosh pit was once again a huge hazard to young ladies with fragile lungs and glasses (Joe I did NOT implicate you directly!). We behaved very badly and pretended to be (pretended....acted like.....were) complete groupies and insisted on talking to the band afterwards. We met another nurse who was as enamoured with the hicks as we were. We were convinced he was gay until his hand slid up my tshirt and curled itself around my bra strap.

So anyway pictures of the delectableness.....

The guitarist Dan. He was lovely and indulged us in our drunken ramblings. For that I am grateful!

Gentle Ben.... I just can't refuse a man with a hairy chest...

...or in tight jeans. He has a stomach I could look at for the rest of my life!

Monkeying around on the ceiling joists. Note the bleeding on his back. This came from when he threw himself onto broken glass and spent the first ten minutes bleeding from various wounds on his back.

I should have been mortified.....but I felt strangely turned on....

Geoffro hinting at the fun you could have on his stomach

Beating on himself....

Making me just a bit more jellified in the knees.

And ending the show just as everyone would love to .

Hands down the pants and groaning!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Trainspotters And Psychopaths Form An Orderly Queue To The Left

Because of my shift patterns, I have not seen my 'many' friends for what has felt like years. Imagine my surprise then, when Joe calls me to say that she can meet me in Perth one afternoon last week.

(All I can say is that I'm glad Shazza has a blog or else I wouldn't have a clue to what was happening in her life.)

Joe and I met up in Perth CBD for my favourite of all favourites.

Sushi and wine!

We went to a sushi train place. We were completely distracted for the whole afternoon. It was what I imagine seagulls to do when they meet up for an afternoon gossip.

"So how are things at work.....oh my god, did you see those pork dumplings? We MUST get some of those!"


"Did you hear about the thing that happened with Dave's beard and that....GET IT, GET IT...I lurve chicken katsu"


Shall we get another bottle of....CRISPY CHILLI SQUID?!... Flipping marvellous. Tuck in bird!"


...And so the afternoon went on. The waitresses (all Asian and beautiful and tiny) were outwardly astonished at the amount of food and alcohol we put away.

All I can say is that the stomach and the liver are mere muscles. I've exercised mine so that they can deal with the most accomplished of meals and the finest of wine!

To finish off the afternoon we decided on a wee tipple in northbridge just over the railway tracks. We located the last free seats in the place and set our bucket of wine down on the table.

This is when the "idiots Here" UV tattoo shone out.

The guy sitting at our table seemed normal enough. He was even a bit cute if you squizzed your eyes up a bit and didn't view him in focus.

He immediately told us he was over from Manchester and was hoping to live here and bring his wife and two kids over.

Aw, how sweet... thought I.


He then told me that in 'no fucking uncertain terms' could I trust my boyfriend and that he could almost guarantee that Dave was sleeping with someone else.

He didn't quite understand why we found that so hilarious!

He told us that he was in Oz so that he could turn his life around. His stays in The Priory for alcoholism and drug use were only very recent.

He proudly told us all about the twelve step programme he had embarked on.

As he sipped from his latest pint, Joe and I looked at each other and telepathically vowed to flee from the scene!