Monday, October 20, 2008

The Best Photo Opportunity Ever

My new job is as a palliative care nurse. This involves me dealing with dying people quite a lot. Luckily for me I love my new job. Moi, a little odd? Why of course!

My boss, and fortunately my friend, John and I were involved in a photo shoot to promote out area.

Picture the scene. We were standing there in the corridor sprightly dressed with empathic demeanour's on our faces with the photographer snapping away as if we were celebrities.

Then all of a sudden like something out of a horror movie, the 'dead trolley'* glides by as if on wheels** prompting John and I to chant "Take the picture now! Now! Now!"

The photographer, who has an irrational fear of sick people (she's a medical photographer?!) turned a hospital shade of grey and had to sit down to get over the trauma of 'nearly seeing someone dead but wrapped in a plastic sheet and encased in a metal box so I couldn't see'!

Except it was actually empty at the time. It would never glide if it was full. It has a stereotypically zombie-esque squeaky wheel!

* The trolley used to transport the 'diseased'
** ...because it was actually, hmm, on wheels!


Anonymous said...

Diseased or umm... deceased? :o)

H xxx

Nat said...

Deceased, yes. It's just an ongoing joke in the office after Karyn mistook the word deceased for diseased.

Not all my clientele are diseased!